Actionable Tools To Support You In Crisis And Beyond

This toolkit is broken into three sections to address the two key audiences people leaders and DEI practitioners are most often tasked with supporting, plus tips for protecting your most important resource– you!

Self Care for People Leaders

Taking Care Of Your Most Important Resource: You.

People leaders, DEI practitioners, and those who are responsible for guiding culture hold unique insights and skills that can shepherd an organization through tough times. But in order to support your team during trying times, it's important that you yourself don't burn out. While self-care can sometimes feel like a luxury, especially for folks who hold marginalized identities and people who are driven to care for others, it is absolutely essential to longevity. Here are some tips to help you run that marathon, when others expect you to sprint.

Partnering With Senior Leaders

Provide An Equitable, Inclusive, People-Centric Perspective to Your Senior Leaders.

Senior leaders are tasked with making some of the toughest organizational decisions, balancing business impact and people impact, often under moments of duress. At those moments, DEI can often fall by the wayside. People leaders and DEI practitioners have an opportunity to partner with leaders to help them expand their perspective, make values- and DEI-led decisions, and do right by the company's people. Check out these tools for ways to partner with leaders in your org to make sure you're managing a crisis inclusively and equitably.

Supporting Your Employees

DEI Resources That Let You Get As Close as Possible to Duplicating Yourself.

When a crisis hits your organization, your attention is often pulled in competing directions and your bandwidth might be quickly maxed out. Moments like these require delegation and empowerment of managers, department heads, and even employees themselves to get through a tough time and help provide teams with what they need to thrive, while making sure all members feel seen, understood, and valued. These tools have got you covered.