A Simple Tool to Improve Your Employee Feedback Loop

Working with dozens of forward-thinking workplaces each year, we're no strangers to the common gripes about millennials. We get it–– there’s a big difference in sensitivities and expectations from one generation to the next.

But interestingly enough, many of the soft skills that millennial workers value–– like vulnerability, inclusion, and empathetic listening, for instance–– come in handy during a pandemic. 

When teams are suddenly spread thin, working remotely, and at risk for budget cuts at any moment; increasing effective communication pathways is essential in protecting your people and your employer brand.

Even if you have to make difficult decisions, they will go over far better when team members feel heard throughout the process.

So, how do you do this, efficiently and effectively?

We wrote an article in partnership with our friends at AllVoices (an easy-to-use feedback platform), to outline a few actionable tips to creating an inclusive, empowered culture where listening plays a key role in shaping decisions–– even in trying times. 


Learn more about our partner AllVoices, a user-friendly platform that allows you to gather real-time feedback anonymously or attributed, track trends, and offer direct responses to submitted feedback. Ask questions & receive 10% off your subscription by emailing Rozy Bozwell at and mentioning Collective!


All Voices

AllVoices is an anonymous reporting and communication platform that enables employees to safely report workplace issues directly to their company's leadership and share real-time feedback. Companies get real-time reporting with a communication channel and data insights that help them improve company culture proactively. AllVoices is working with companies across a range of industries including The Wing, Instacart, FabFitFun, GoPro, EA Games and Wieden+Kennedy.