Make "Human" Check-Ins A Priority

During times of crisis, it can feel really difficult to remain compassionate. It's also what people around us need the most. Checking in and having conversations about our experiences, feelings, and mood is not only a way to demonstrate care and concern, but acknowledging the realities of our emotional states can lead us to more thoughtful action, connection, relationship-building, and resilience.

Having conversations about topics we've never considered broaching with colleagues before may feel uncomfortable, intrusive, or even unprofessional. But, the hefty barriers we may have previously placed between personal and professional life, productivity and emotion, no longer serve us in times of crisis. Crisis affects each of us differently. To best support our teams and colleagues, we first have to understand how each of our peers is affected, and a solid one-to-one can be a great starting place.

In this downloadable guide, we share the most helpful ways to show up, as well as some conversation starters and questions to get you started.

Download the Guide


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