A Beginner's Anti-Racism Toolkit

This toolkit was created as a response to the powerful uprising of anti-racism activism sparked by the ongoing work of the Black Lives Matter movement and a wave of protests against police brutality and systemic racism in America.

This guide tackles the three main areas of support that we at Collective have seen surface again and again for our clients– a need for healing, processing and making sense of this moment, and taking action toward explicit anti-racism.

Grieving & Healing Around The Impacts of Racism

Resources To Help Move You Through The Emotional Impact of Racism in America

Whether you're a BIPOC, a non-Black POC, or White, we are all impacted by this nation's history with racism, leading up to and including the pervasive instances of police brutality and systemic racism in and out of the workplace. Finding ways to emotionally move through these impacts is key in finding longevity in the fight against racism in this country, whether you are directly impacted by it or want to show up as an ally.

Making Sense of The History of and Current Fight Against Racism

Context and Content To Help Paint A Full Picture of America's History With Racism and Where You Fit In

Making sense of the depth and complexity of America's relationship with anti-Black racism is enough to make most people's minds spin, but understanding the role it has played in shaping the lives of all Americans is a crucial step on one's anti-racism journey. We've laid out some helpful resources to help you unpack it all.

Taking Action Toward Being Anti-Racist In All Facets of Your Life

Helpful Ways to Walk the Walk and Let Your Actions Guide Your Commitment to Anti-Racism

It's easy to repost support for #BlackLivesMatter and speak up at a moment when collective action against anti-Black racism and police brutality is dominating the news cycle. This section lays out ways to continue on your anti-racism journey, weaving it into your life and organizations in a sustainable, impactful way. Use these resources to make sure your allyship doesn't stop when the cameras stop rolling.